Friday, 26 September 2014

Oh baby! First up-cycling outfit ever! Project Run & Play s10, week 2

I'm so happy to be back for project run & play season 10, week 2!
First a picture...

 The theme for this week was using hand-me-downs (or up-cycled clothing) to make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear. This was a challenge for me as it was the first time I have made a completely new outfit using old/unused clothing. I have only altered clothes too big or too small to make them fit better. So I opened my cupboard to look for some inspiration and on the top shelf I spied a bag with some of my little one's baby clothing I hadn't the heart to give away for sentimental reasons. Hmm! It would be truly 'up'-cycled if I could get it to work together!

 I gathered a few tops in similar colours, a baby hat, and added a strappy top I no longer wear to the mix.
The design had to incorporate lots of little pieces from baby size tops to be able to make something that would fit her now and I didn't want it to look patchworky, so I took an idea from a layer on one of the tops (see below, bottom left pic) & played around with a mock crossover layered effect...trying to fit in the precious little embroidered details.

So far so good! After serging the edges and adding lace and vintage ric-rac to the hems, I layered the front onto a piece of white knit cut from an old t-shirt of mine. In case the top edges showed if the layers lifted, I sewed them down with ric-rac trim to neaten...

The back was cut from a printed onesie, trimmed with lace, then topped with a leftover hem which served as a casing for elastic.

 I carefully removed the binding from my strappy top and re-used it to finish off the armhole, cap-sleeves and neckline. I had an inch left over when done! The shorts fit out of this strappy top perfectly and I re-used the
hem for the shorts hem :) Hearts added from some leftover scraps...

  I wanted to use the brim of the hat on a new one, and found a McCalls slouchy cap pattern perfect for the soft knit. The pattern pieces fit perfectly on all the little sleeves :) And a lovely bonus! I could use the hems once again as the edges. One top had sleeves with a scallop edging which had to feature in the front above the re-covered peak. The little embroidered heart applique covered the join beautifully! A vintage button and some elastic in the back for a snug fit finished it all off.

Except for the cap, all the patterns were self-drafted by trial and fitting on my little snuggly girl. That little embroidered front detail describes her so well! It says, "I like lots of cuddles and kisses xx"

Thank you for looking and reading this much! Whew! I've enjoyed making this and thanks to PR&P am inspired to continue making my girls some 'new' clothes. I'm pretty sure next week will feature my eldest daughter in denim.

Till next time, be blessed!


  1. What an adorable outfit! I've thought about using baby clothes for a quilt, but this is genius!!!

    1. Thank you Juliann! A quilt would be longer lasting though:) but I'm happy for her to get some more wear out of these even for a little while longer!

  2. Oh wow, all those pieces! You had a lot of work to do--it all came together so well. I love the mix-and-match!

  3. It is really awesome to see those gifted baby clothes given extended life. The outcome is truly creative and 'designer' chic. Love the hat too! Much love GranY


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