Friday, 19 September 2014

Hello! Project Run & Play...Sewing for Peanuts:)

I might just love Project Run & Play a little bit! Ha!
Here's what I made, and then I'll share the story...

  Let's see...10 hours before the linky closed I was sketching ideas for a Lucy inspired costume.

 Who doesn't love the Peanuts characters? Since this first week of season 10 is all about finding inspiration from 80's cartoons, I had been thinking way too long over which character I'd like to choose as my muse should I decide to actually start this blog, design and sew an outfit and then be brave enough to post it ...I really wanted to sew along, having followed the past 4 seasons avidly, and voting each week for my favourites.
 So at the eleventh hour, this is who I came up with...Lucy! The bossy know-it-all but totally lovable little girl in the iconic blue dress. But, instead of a dress I thought I'd make a swimming 'costume' (lovely irony!) incorporating all the little details...

I knew I would have to use material in my stash, and find a creative way to style the outfit, as my little girl was in dreamland already. She will be so excited to see her new cozzie in the morning, I'll have to let her model it and post some more photo's!
This is the fabric I found. Some blue lycra (of course), a bit of white lycra with silver glitter ( if Lucy was a fashionista she would have loved glitter, don't you think?), and a piece of white cotton mesh (which has probably been in my stash since the 80's, ha!), because a girl has to have a cute little cover-up!

The initial sketch got adapted a little after I found the fabric. I didn't want to use only blue, so the peplum became white as did the little scallopy detail around the neck, which kinda mimics the neck flower shaped frill. And here she is...

Including a classic Lucy quote! I had to give a shout out to ol' Charlie Brown too... I found a white towel and added a black velvet ribbon border that I pinned into a zigzag pattern. Here is the back...

Which had to have a bow!The swimsuit pattern was self-drafted using a couple of previously made ones, and for the cover-up I used a vintage Butterick pattern as the base because it had the perfect A-line shape and little puff sleeves!

I love how it turned out, and I can't wait for my little one to try it on!

Until next time...Be blessed!


  1. So cute! That vintage pattern would be adorable as a dress too, but I love it as a cover up!

    1. Thank you :) The pattern is one my mom used to make dresses for me and my sister long long ago ;)

  2. Great ideas for a Peanuts adaptation. Love the whole outfit, including Charlie's towel!


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