Friday, 10 October 2014

Signature Style! PR&P week 4...

Signature Style week is the now famous last week of every season of project run & play...and I'm so chuffed to have sewn along for every week this season! For the first time!
But...because of my tendency to cut it fine ;) I missed linking up to the denim challenge last week...grrr.
So, it got me thinking about how I would define my signature style...and, since I have two beautiful girlies, when I am inspired to create something I usually end up making them both something. I'm featuring the outfits they both got this week...

The clothing I make for my girls always starts with a story in my head! I would say my Signature Style would always have a few if not all of these elements;
  • A theme or an occasion ( such as an up-coming holiday away from home, a birthday, project run &play, etc ;) I have been known to be up all night before we go away on holiday, finishing pretty much a whole wardrobe of clothes, and then sleeping on the journey there while hubby drives!
  • A colour scheme... in this instance I stayed with denim, pink, and a bit of lace.
  • Then I pull out every.piece.of.stash.fabric. looking for the right combinations.
  • I then try to design something unique and challenge myself to try new ideas with the material that ends up inspiring me. I love children's wear and hope to start producing patterns and my own range.
  • Each item should preferably be able to mix and match with something else. I went to town on my youngest's this week!
  • Be comfortable & practical and last but certainly not least...probably the most important...
  • Something they will  wear and hopefully love;)

First up, some pictures...

My eldest daughter's outfit; 


This is the outfit I made for my tween daughter, and it's a total success...she has worn it almost everyday!
For the story about this:

please go here where I share the story behind the heart.

The cool thing about this denim jacket is that it all came from worn jeans...I couldn't find enough of denim in my stash to fit a whole jacket and was contemplating making it sleeve-less when my hubby brought me all the chopped off legs of his denim jeans I had altered into shorts for him. He has an embroidery business and keeps a stash, ahem, left-over material just like me :)

The front and back panels, plus the sleeves and yokes, were all cut strategically placing the seams on the already top-stitched jeans seams! The back pockets of another pair became the modified front pockets you see above, and I even re-used the belt loops and coin pocket on the shorts.
The soft stretch lace top has a high low hem and a pink cotton knit lining, with cap sleeves.
All these patterns were self-drafted.

Now for my youngest's outfit...

 I started out with a pair of modesty shorts out of left-overs of the pink knit I used for my eldest's top.
And then my serger started giving me hassles, so everything that followed became... reversible!
That's how we roll here folks:) I hate using zig zag to finish inside seams, so I had to make another plan...

I had chosen the pink polka dot cotton to go with some light blue stretch denim left-overs, (a plain and a matching embroidered flower one) So I hunted the stash :) and found a pink cotton leopard print. Dots and spots are a good combo, yes?

I had an idea for a skirt with a zip off circle top skirt, so...
The denim skirt is just a simple A-line with a bask that fits flat in front, but is bigger in the back to allow for an elasticated waist. And that's where I made a 'mistake' with the measurements... For the top skirt, I cut a half circle with rounded edges and I had planned for it to meet up, but the open-end zipper I had did not fit end to end so it ended up (ha!) with a gap in front. No problem that a cute bow can't fix! And another happy accident...the zipper can slide on upside down so the reverse leopard print can also be an option. #3skirtsinone:

The top is an awesome pattern I found online from Fiddlehead blog a few years back, called "The Beach Party Top and Dress Pattern". I made a few adjustments to make it reversible with the dots & spots.
The little jacket was self drafted using a bodice that fit her and I cut it out joining the side seams on the pattern so it would be all in one piece on center back fold on the denim, but with back seam on spotty side to be able to get into the inside to make it reversible also. I inserted  little sleeves after lining them with the spots.

I am sooooo happy with how it all turned out and how many different combinations she can make to wear using just these four pieces...Even the 'modesty shorts' can be worn as an option!

Thank you for reading! And... To all you ladies out there that have showcased your sew-along's and of course all the designers at Project Run & Play a huge big Thank You for all the wonderful inspiration!I've enjoyed looking at your creations and I'm looking forward to getting to know you a little better :)

Till next time, be blessed!

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